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For Windows

For Windows

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From Sweden



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1spyder11.jpg (92534 bytes) 1spyder2.jpg (115795 bytes) 1spyder3.jpg (131614 bytes) 1spyder4.jpg (139211 bytes)
03blackpaper.jpg (186668 bytes) 03interiorwallpaper.jpg (299709 bytes) 03intpaper.jpg (262172 bytes) blackpaper02.jpg (215016 bytes)
1spyder10.jpg (156851 bytes) 1spyder6.jpg (137330 bytes) 1spyder1.jpg (116012 bytes)

Contributed by Foss

Contributed by Huan Vu


Contributed by Jim Bledsoe

MR2 Logo

Contributed by Ed Cohen

Contributed by Ernest Flores

Contributed by Ernest Flores

Contributed by Spyderrider

Contributed by Alison

Contributed by Robert Mason

Contributed by Pharcyde

Contributed by Jason Farnsworth


Gregg Follett Wallpaper Gallery


Mark Bagget "Bama Spyder"  

Wallpaper Gallery


Instructions for Windows

Right click on a desktop image size to download

Select Start Menu:Settings:Control Panel

Open the Display Control Panel

Select the Background tab

Press the Browse button

Locate the file you just downloaded and select it

Press the Apply button

Press the OK button

Instructions for Macintosh

Hold the option key and click on a desktop image size on 

the right to download

Go to your Apple Menu:Control Panels:Appearance

Select the Desktop tab in the Appearance Control Panel

Select Place Picture

Select the file you want to use

Press the Set Desktop button

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