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Thread: 2005 White 5-Speed LSD in Phoenix under 9k miles- asking $15k

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    Now that I have the 2005 car list I can say there is color preference and color rarity. Silver, black then red are the most common colors and I am guessing based on sales the most popular. Then white p. blue gray dr blue, green and finally yellow. That is how Toyota produced the 2005 model. Yellow are almost non-existent with only a couple produced. Everyone has a color preference but someone made the decision to produce this model based on demand for certain colors. I communicated with the owner of the white car and he admits the color has been the issue in the sale of his car. If his car was paradise blue I would be in play on the purchase in the 16-18k range.
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    I didn't realize that this car has a brown top. I hate the brown top especially on black.

    Having said that I have seen two white Spyders with the brown tops/ brown interior and it looks fantastic. It looks more like a high end vintage British roadster exuding elegance. It also looks better then the phantom gray with the red top theme.
    I think people have an inherent white bias when it comes to cars and there is some merit to it because white doesn't work for most cars but when it does it can be stunning.
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    I get compliments on the green color of my 2005 all the time. Only issue is it shows rain spots, dirt, and dust really well, but it is a 'nice day' car so not much of an issue.

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