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  • slots1234 ·
    Hello sorry I never followed up on our last convo, but I am still in need of a 1zz and would really appreciate any help please and thanks
    dj23hdz ·
    Hey I was thinking of doing a 2zz swap this summer for my car and I heard that you were the guy to talk to. I live in south bend, IN and I was wondering if you could send me information on how I could get one and the prize ranges for them. Thanks.
    Ostrichman ·
    Please lety me know if you still have the engine lig kick stand and how I can get funds to you--Thank you

    spyder_byte ·
    I would like something under 50-75K that I wouldn't have to worry about the having the same oil ring/precat issues. Sorry for the slow reply - I didn't realize you had replied to me.
    spyder_byte ·
    Hi. I am new to forum but have been lurking for a couple of years as I have watched my 2001 spyder die. I thought I was good b/c I got through the 100,000 mile mark and actually got close to 200,000 before I got all the classic pre-cat symtoms. Including one I have not heard of which was the pipe coming from the main cat actually glowing red. I have parked and accepted it's fate and I am looking for a replacement 1zzfe(used is fine as long as it is past the design flaw years which I think is 2003) and I understand you sometimes have them for sale. I am in south Georgia. I am not a mechanic but can do some stuff which is why I think the 1zzfe would be a easier. Any suggestions, advise, offers would be greatly appreciated. And thanks for all the posts you have provided.
    rigidspyder ·
    Im looking for the bottom end of a 1zz. I spun a bearing and it scared the crank. I wont to go with a built bottom end but money will not allow me to do so. Do you have soemthing like this?
    SuperM ·
    Hey Man! you actually offered me this lip, when i was looking around for the oem one:D
    i didn't really consider it initially cos of shipping. But i have a friend in california who has a bunch of stuff to ship to South Africa and i think i can get a good shipping rate with all his stuff. Does the lip come with any bolts or glue? or do i have to org for myself? and any chance i can squeeze you for $180, shipping i guess will be about $70, so i was hoping for $250 all incl. I am just waiting for the shipping address.
    mitch ·
    hey, im new to sc, can you help me find the same body kit you have. i just have the stock 2000 body and i want the full lip kit. polyurathane one.


    sweetpete ·
    hey very interested in tein coilovers can you give me some weights and sizes so i can look into freight or if you could? and your area code etc. i am in penrith 2750 new south wales australia [near sydney]. do you also have original springs?
    Alwayscrazy4fun ·
    hey hows it going.. ppl on here tell me to contact you

    i need a new engine for my 05 spyder.. oil burned sum how and now i need new engine cuz rod bearing is broken or sumthing.. what u think>
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