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  • Harryco ·
    Hi Darkday.
    I have a 2003 spyder and would like one of the shorter bolts that allow the spare to be flipped.
    I do not have Paypal, but would appreciate the address where I can send a check or money order.
    Please let me know the amount that I need to send , for delivery to Florida.


    djb ·

    Where you been, man? I misses you a bunch!
    dirty_ridin_spyder ·
    Whats up man! I have been up to a lot lately but I thought I'd stop in and say whats up to you and SE and maybe a few others. My car situation was rough but I ended up with an 05 Blue RX-8 and I love it (as much as one can enjoy a stock anything). But I hope you're doing good and the rest of the community. I'll try and stop in a bit more and be nice. Have fun saying goodbye to the snow and be safe. -Jared
    MrToad ·
    Come out and drive with us in the fall. I'll put you up on both ends of a fabulous one-day ride across the Sierra. If you have more time than a weekend, Damon and I could point you in several directions for great drives on the coast and mountains. We'll probably force you to eat a lot of food and drink a lot of booze, too. Tough, but somebody's gotta do it.
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