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  • Erdoc48 ·
    It fits great, and I really like the workmanship. It's nice as you don't need a whole body kit to make it look good. It's subtle, noticeable, but not too much.

    They're $210 shipped on luxury and they're pre-drilled, so installation takes about 10-15 minutes. It's a well made piece and LP is well respected on SC.

    Dr. Spyder ·
    Hey Erdoc, just wanted to see how you liked your LPX front lip? How was install? It looks great and I'm debating ordering one from LP. Thanks.
    TK-421 ·
    Thanks anyway Erdoc. I'm broke right now so no mods for me. In fact if the right buyer comes along and I don't lose my shirt my Spyder is for sale. Sadly. :(
    Erdoc48 ·
    I have a TRD short throw shifter/cage that I plan on keeping in the car- I have the stock cage and shifter that I would sell if someone wants it.
    TK-421 ·
    I just saw your post. I didn't want to clutter up switchlanz thread. You have the whole TRD setup? Short throw arm and all? I am hoping to get the trade with switchlanz since I have already gone waaaay over budget in mods. I just picked up a hardtop on friday and that hit me hard.

    With Switchlanz and his trade I only have to fork over $60 since he wants my stock cage setup. I really can't shell out much. I am interested if you want to unload it and can't find a buyer.

    I put in a megan short throw arm and love it. Is the TRD cage and short throw arm that much better than stock? A few guys here have said it's night and day.
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