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  • zadwit ·
    Thanks for the info. Do you know what size the exhaust studs and nuts are? I will try to get some spare ones just in case the originals snap off or come out. I live aout in the country a bit so it can be a bit of a hassle to try to find parts. I ordered a Team moon dual stainless exhasut and will try to put it on and remove the two small cats at the same time. So far I have been able to change the oil and filter, the spark plugs, the transmission gear oil, and while the exhaust looks intimidating, I will try it as well. I have a car hauling trailer if things go south on me.
    Thanks for the website and info.
    Regards, Mark
    [email protected]
    hey midshipman, you are quite a regular here and looking for some help, if you have a minute. My passenger window will not go up, and looking for fuse listings so I don't have to look in each box. I have the list at home but am travlelling. Search is getting me no where. Any help you could offer is appreciated.

    karns2007 ·
    Hey How you been? havnt talked to you in a while, Im getting ready to go on a big cruise with the Midwest Spyder owners, was wondering if you would like to join us on this???
    duste01 ·
    How about you too midshipman01? We are trying to get our ducks in a row. We are looking to caravan over to louisville and drop the flag off there on Sunday, we may have three, maybe four cars in our pack to deliver the flag. We will go as far as xbiker. He is willing to bring it on across the border, but I think drummerdawg wants to make the trip as well and if you are on the recieving end we can get it to you sunday. If your not available then we will have to stop with xbiker. We will be meeting up in Georgetown around 2pm so it will have to be early evening. let us know. Dusty
    mid-ship crisis ·
    Happy B-Day! Hey, whatever transpired with the offer from your mom to buy you a car? I would find it hard to turn down that Cooper S you were looking at! But I'd find it hard to give up my Spyder too!
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