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  • SirCharles ·
    The car is doing fine! I now have coilovers, lsd, race seats, harness, 3 sets of wheels,...

    It's just too bad that I quit my old job to go back to school! haha It's only for 1 year. So this is only autocross for me but a big season (9 events) and I am 3rd in STR just behind my co-driver by 0.03 points (494.23 for him and 494.20 for me).

    Next year will be more about Time Attack with some autocross events (1 or 2) just for fun and to complete the calendar. So next winter I have to buy a HANS, pads, Hoosiers R6 (in 225/45/13) and some Carbotech pads. Maybe I will even change my suspention for something better. My first choice was the KW Club Sport kit but they don't make it for the Spyder and don't plan too.

    What suspention are you using again? Spring rates?

    Outside of this, life is good and baby #2 is coming in october, my wife is doing well and my baby girl (15 months old now) is a little ball of energy! So life is good!

    I hope life is treating you good also.

    BoxterWannaB ·
    WassAp sircharles... I haven't been on SC much lately, last time we chatted was when you had engine problems after a couple track events.

    How's your car coming a long? I see a lowered car, and a ton of stickers on it.

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