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  • southerneditor ·
    I never did them. I did post a "how-to" about grinding down the stockers and applying an aftermarket badge on them. Still, if you want to color-code anything but black or blue, it's the only way to go.
    gromit659 ·
    I read your write up on the motor mounts I have a qestion, When you say you braced the "bellhousing" what do you mean? Do you mean the trasmition?
    GNOSPYDER650 ·
    "Second, I'm in the camp that thinks the first gen lights are better for this car and if I had a later model, I would retrofit the earlier design. So... From my perspective, if you do this you are significantly degrading your car for no reason, and spending big dollar to do it. It's a mistake. "

    are you talking about changing any of my lights or just the rears (degrading)? I just like how the 03 fronts and rears look but money wise was just looking to change the fronts. (mines are very dirty looking)
    spydercam ·
    Hey back off of my post count.
    Btw there seems to be alot of man love in your notes, take that to the bus station. ;)
    djb ·
    You are about the only person here that I can be forthcoming with about my very sordid life. And I appreciate that, my friend. I truly, truly do. Thanks for being who you are. You are a welcome addition to my extremely short list of people I feel the need to meet and keep in contact with. And the reasons are of such variety I won't try to detail them here. Besides, you don't need me to list them. You know.
    dirty_ridin_spyder ·
    What's up SE! Just thought I'd stop in and say hey. I dodnt end up getting a another Spyder but the RX8 will suffice. I really miss this community. I didnt see eye to eye with everyone but these rx8 guys have some serious identity crisis's. It's like they want race/rice car..... so yeah, my training here has helped me teach and not piss off (as much). But anyways, I hope everything is great with you and the community. Have a good one and hit me up anytime. I still get PMs here.
    iamkswickk ·
    you have very good interests in your "About Me" section. I too enjoy doing that. But I do go sky diving, bull riding, cliff jumping, and swim with sharks. You?
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