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  • OldMan ·
    Your SpyderWeb mail is not active, so I'm writing to you here.

    I read your discussion of spring mechanics on SypderWeb with great interest. Judging by the lack of replies, the rank & file membership wasn't impressed. Please continue the series despite that.

    I'm writing because I see many Sypders equipped with wings. Supposedly, the wings supply downforce and improve road holding, but I wonder. To properly fit a wing one must consider many factors, including size, shape, flat plate vs airfoil, angle of attack, attachment point fore/aft, mass flow rate across the wing, and if the wing is close to the bodywork, the venturi effect.

    Now, I don't think the average wing owner has considered any of these things, and probably don't even know they exist. Installing a wing whitout considering the mechanics is the epitomy of RICER.

    You might consider doing a write-up about BFWs.
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