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  • sweetpete ·
    You still havent answered any of my other posts re you Bullshitting. You poor baby if by starting this you mean saying that you need help . Well Nuf said. Great game of rugby last night, what was the score again? Wimps no good without 2 foot of padding.
    sweetpete ·
    Nah mate not upset at all. Just stating the obvious. You have no idea. The only aussie friends that love you are made up ones like the rest of what you say. The only one that loves you is yourself. Think you need to look up the meaning of karma too! Then go back and check your posts and see who is gunna be on the end of it? I have a clear conscience on my end.
    sweetpete ·
    Sorry banmepleasebanmepleasebanmepleasebanmepleasenuckel but have nothing to say so I dont. Unlike some poor excuses who have to speak shit non stop and lie and make shit up to help there ego,s. You are a legend in your own lunchbox mate!.Yes I am well aware of Karma and you will get it dont worry.
    T-bone ·
    I know you come here and "check" what is happening. I see you log in every day. Wondering why you have nothing to say. I will never ever go away

    have a pleasant stay. OK
    sweetpete ·
    I would say you lost your mind for a start.
    Actually I had a lot of people commenting on you they just didnt post anything.
    And I moderate what I feel needs to be . I could have moderated your ass out of there but chose not to to let everyone see what you are about.
    Gutless wonder that wont even admit to who he truly is?
    I bet there isnt even really a Barbie?
    sweetpete ·
    Sorry wrong on all accounts. You came, You saw, YOU LOST.
    Actually this reminds me of a job I worked on about 20 years ago they were some sort of religious cult nuts. They used to play the same video over and over all day, Till they started to believe it. Do you think if you say it enough you will start to believe it? HeMan is a manifestation of the DEVIL!
    Say hi to barbie for me.
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