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  • topsecretspyder ·
    I prob won't maker on the LA meet or sol-cal meet got smog coming up and tires are low on treads got about 1000miles left on it and still got to fix my hand brake. That's a long drive but I got work the next day early. If I had good tires on an Sunday off also I would go but too many things came up, next time if all good I'll go, north cal I'll go for sure
    wylde1 ·
    Congrats on being selected car of the month! White is a nice color for our body style, nice picture also.
    trd spyder ·
    whats up unk havent been on 4 awhile i got my steering wheel jdm horn badge off of ebay 4 6 bucks kool uh i dont know if i told u guys but some one broke into my car an cut my top to get in sucks right i lost my mind 4 awhile but its kool things happen right mail me back some time later....
    trd spyder ·
    whats up unk, im trying to figure out how to get a black steering wheel jdm horn, if u got any extras ill trade u a trd jdm plate let me know......
    Uncle Mush ·
    Great to hear from you. I've only got 20k on the original tires, so hopefully I'm good to go for a while. Thanks again for the tire information. I'm glad to hear you are enjoying your new tires/configuration. I plan to follow in your footsteps (tire tracks) when I'm ready to buy.

    I'm thinking about getting an aftermarket cruise control to help me keep from getting tickets. It is way too easy to let the speed get away from me when I'm on long trips and I don't need any more tickets . . . for a while. :)

    I ordered Serina's padded armrests and am hoping my door armrests will be here next week. I was amazed at how much more comfortable the center con armrest made so I ordered the door ones.

    I haven't heard anything more about the West Coast leg of the Tenth Aniversary Tour of America for Spyders (TATAS) but hope it comes together and that I can attend. I think that would be a blast to have and be a part of a mass gathering of Spyders.
    jhponderosa ·
    Uncle Mush,
    How are you doing?
    Think I saw your name on here today. So, what's up with your tire search?
    I'm greatly pleased with mine. Am in the process of bracing my frame and changing exhaust.
    Very anxious for warm spring weather... nomosno!
    Drop a few words my way and have a great evening.
    jhponderosa ·
    Uncle Mush your car is great and what about that top? Give me the scoop on that please.
    I purchased my 2003 Jan. 8, 2010. Sort of like yours... a very low miles car in the fastest possible color.
    Drove on the new toyos yesterday and like them alot.
    Have a good 1.
    trd spyder ·
    whats up unk I sent a message to top secter spyder about going out for easter sunday a going cruzing I think it would b kool to have a bunch of spyders out to gether
    Uncle Mush ·
    Hey Chris . . . did you get the email of the photos from Fresno Spyder meet and everyone else's contact info? I'm not sure if I got everyone's info copied correctly. I heard from Nhia and you so far, but that's it. Lovin' my spyder!
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