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  • xbiker ·
    I am from Lavatonia, how mach moneys four to beeld me super fast toyota car spyder i wuld like a keet shepped to me but only I hav not so much moneys rite now. Do you have "lawaway" plan?
    Kilroy01 ·

    Are you still selling the AC mounting bracket for the Rotrex on the 2ZZ? If so how much and how long is the lead time.

    Thanks much,

    kalinkamaen ·
    Hi. Iam from norway. I was wondering if the stage 1 Rotrex is aviable now?
    And is it possible to use unichip to tune the car with rotrex?
    If i buy rotrex stage 1, how easy is it for a workshop to install it on my car?
    Tnx Kali
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