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  • mfynn ·
    Hi Kyle! Long time no talk to! I wanted to let you know that I had to change my log-in because it wouldn't sign me on with the old one. So here is my new identity.

    Also, the guys from St. Louis have the relay flag and want to get it to me or you soon. I can't do a thing for another week or week and one half because I have a big art show coming up that I am putting together. So I left the ball in their court. Chris (Druska) called me and said he'd like it if we could all 5 get together for a mini meet when the bring the flag this way. If it would work out. What do you think and what does your schedule look like week after next?
    Hope all is well with you and your cute little yellow spyder!

    PS. I saw that there is a red spyder for sale on a little used car lot on 7th street in Joplin. Pretty cool! It looks a lot like mine only with the stock bumper and no side skirts.
    rigidspyder ·
    This weekend Sunday the 23rd, we are planning a car meet here in Columbia MO. I am thinking that we will be meeting at 12noon at Andys Frozen Custard... We would love to see you there.. Check out the Meeting and event page for our thread. It seems that we will have 5+ Spyders attending. Hopeing for more.
    Jen Che Lin ·
    Hi Kyle,

    This is Che, its been awhile. Hope your spyder are back on the Road ?

    the final 2zz swap Header shipment arrived. I need to ship you new set as promised. Please let me know your new shipping address, this way I can ship it to you.

    Thank you !

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