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Toyota MR2 Spyder
I came across my Spyder at a specialty dealership. It was an auction vehicle and came from Indiana.
It was in rough shape for the 50,000 miles it had on it.
at first sight I could visualize just what I was going to do with it. Mods and so forth. Then came the first test drive, first thing that came to mind "this is it"....
2000 Toyota MR2 Spyder (black)


custom cold air intake. air box all insulated.
PPE ceramic header and decat pipe. Top Speed stainless muffler.
battery grounding block.
removable steering wheel. The steering wheel has since been changed to a smaller diameter, offset and style.
I made a new center console as well. changing the location of the stereo and brought up the shifter boot position.
leather seats.
aluminum shift knob.
"cosmetic" roll bar, Frenzy.
dual gauge center dash, pod
removed sun visors
rear wing with custom adjustable tilt mounts.
Japan Parts rear mud flaps 03 and up side vents.
Dev's key hole covers, of course.
side skirts from a salvaged Spyder, from Texas. I had to rebuild them since they were cracked and broken. They didn't look that way in the pics I saw before buying them, go figure,
Ebay front lip with splitter mounting struts. Also carbon fiber canards for a VW Jetta, that I modified to fit the lip.
de-badged, JDM style front emblem.
03 head lights that I modified.
Aftermarket corner indicator lights.
Slotted rotors painted calipers.
Kenwood stereo MTX sub and amp
Wheel and Tire
BSA 17" with Nexen 205/40/17 tires.



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