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General Information

MR2 - Spyder
Absolute Red
Light Weight Mod
On April 10, 2009 I went to look at a 2000 Toyota MR2 Spyder (ZZRW30) owned by Jack Mott, previous SCCA Houston regional champion in the DSP class. The car was set up to be an auto-cross car. With 90,000 miles and a considerable number of go fast goodies, the car was setup to be an out of the box, track worthy vehicle.

The car was received on Friday, April 17th and driven to its new home in the pouring rain. Cleansed by torrential downpour the car made it home safely and drove like a champ.

The rest is History...
2000 Toyota MR2 - Spyder (Absolute Red)


• HFP 320 LPH Fuel Pump
• Light Weight Battery, Relocated
• SS Clutch line
• Redline MT90 and Synchromesh mix
• DEI Radiator Relief
• Ceramic Bearing Shifter Bushings
• Side Mount Oil Cooler
• TRD Helical LSD
• Fidanza 7.5lb Flywheel
• ACT TC2-HDSS Clutch
• DDPR Decklid Prop
• DDPR Flywheel Cover

2ZZ-GE Engine Build (NA-build)
x OEM Lift Bolts
x Custom Port and Polish
x Sector111 gPan3
x CircuitWorx Oil Pump Gears
- Custom exhaust (1 5/8” x 24” Primaries to 1 3/4” Runners,
x MWR ARP head studs
x MWR ARP header, main, and rod fasteners
x MWR 2zz GE valve spring/retainer set
x MWR Stainless valves and Ferrea Valve locks
x MWR Wiseco 2zz 12.0:1 Pistons, Pins, Rings
x MWR Darton Sleeved Short Block
• General Weight Loss
• Harddog Double Diagonal Roll Bar
• Gutted interior
• NRG Carbon Fiber Shift Knob and Hub v3.0
• Raished Shifter Base with Speed Source Shifter Bushings
• Custom Short Shifter
• Sparco Circuit Pro and EVO Seats
• Schroth Profi-II Harnesses
• Momo Mod 30 Steering Wheel
• Apex'I Water Temp, Oil Temp and Oil Pressure gauges
• Drift switch Mod and EVA handle
• VIS Carbon Fiber Hard Top
• VIS Carbon Fiber Invader Hood
• De-dimpled side vents
• Tow Stickers/TRD Windsheild Sticker
• Joes Racing Master Switch
• Custom Underbody, Diffuser and Splitter
• Ipod w/ Sony Ear Buds
• The Sound of an Epic Exhaust
Wheel and Tire
• Motegi Racing Traklite Wheels
o 15x7 (rear) and 15x6.5 (front)
o 205 Dunlup Direzza DZ102s

• 949 Racing 6ULs
o 15x9s, 225 Nitto NT-01s

• Advanti Storm
o 15x9s, 225 Hankook RS3s

• Goodridge SS Brake Lines
• ATE Super Blue/Yellow Brake Fluid
• Carbotech XP8 Brake Pads



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