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General Information

MR2 Spyder
This car was picked up with a salvage title and 58,000 original miles. The intention was to build it for autoX

The owner I bought it from had the car rebuilt after the insurance company totaled it for minor damage. He was using it as a DD and for occasional AutoX. He had a Che Header and Magnaflow exhaust installed, as well as Bridgestone RE-11A tires.

There is zero damage to any of the sub structure. I had it checked and inspected before purchase. All the damage was cosmetic.
2002 Toyota MR2 Spyder (Silver)


Che Header, Magnaflow Exhaust, Yellow Injectors, Cap's mod with the Al spacer, aFe air filter. Currently researching engine platforms, before spending money on mods that are little to no real improvement in performance to the 1zz.

Power steering, coolant, engine and transmission were all serviced and fluids flushed/replaced with Synthetics.

4/15 ~ Fidanza Aluminum lightened flywheel, Clutch masters stage 2 clutch, Unichip piggyback system.
The interior is bone stock and untouched. it has a tear in the leather passenger seat. but other wise it is in excellent condition. Until I find the rollbar/cage I want to install, I have no plans to do anything here.

12/30/2014 ~ Installed ARK short shifter

4/15 ~ Hard dog Roll Bar, Sport seats, Sparko 4pt harnesses, Momo racing wheel, NRG QD steering wheel hub. Carpeted rear shelf.
The only thing I have done to the exterior is added Some vinyl stripe/stickers and a stubby antenna. I have no intention at this point to do anything to it cosmetically.

I have switched all lighting over to LED.
This is stock except for a set of pioneer 4x7s some one added to the door panels. I have no plans to do anything with this except strip the whole system at a later date.
Wheel and Tire
Brake rotors have been replaced with slotted and cross drilled OEM replacements mated with ceramic pads. Stainless lines were also installed, along with having the brake system flushed and fluid replaced with a DOT4 (DOT3 compatible) synthetic brake fluid with much higher boiling point.

3/4/15 - Picked up Advanti Racing Storm S1 wheels and went to the 225/45-15 Toyo R1R tires.



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