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  1. Another new Spyder owner!

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    It took me 19 years to make that popping sound (removing head from rectum), but we can finally claim membership in the Spyder Family! Looking forward to annoying everyone by asking the same questions that have been posted & answered a thousand times before.
  2. Anyone in Socal, San Diego or near, know where I can find a used tranny, 2000 Spyder

    Care, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
    Looking for basic 5 speed transmission for 2000 model with 208k miles....can afford a rebuild with all labor involved...any and all help would be appreciated.....thanks so much...Jack
  3. FS. Bakersfield Ca. 2000 MRS 2zz converted

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    The car is amazing, looks incredible, the softop in perfect condition, its a great deal. see profile for details and pictures. $10k includes trailer and all stock components. The car still has a full interior, only removed passenger seat. Included is a second set of brand new coilovers...
  4. 2000 MR2 Spyder

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    I'm putting my MR2 up for sale, I love the car but its time for a new toy! So to get to it; It's a 2000 Silver Drivetrain is stock Very well maintained Replaced shocks about 5,000 miles ago Installed new EBC drilled and slotted rotors and green stuff brake pads a few thousand miles ago Ti rims...