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2001 spyder

  1. Looking for advice with strut bars on 2001

    Suspension and Handling
    G'day guys, Down here in 'Straya any parts for my 2001 SMT are pretty scarce, so I am pretty limited for choices for tightening up the chassis to cope with the goat tracks we call 'highways'. I am also looking at taking the old girl hillclimbing, so I would appreciate any advice on the best of...
  2. 2001 MR2 cranks, sounds great, and then dies two seconds later

    Care, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
    This past Sunday I drove my MR2 around for a little while (aprox 40 miles all together). On my trip back to my house I stopped for gas, filled it from a quarter of a tank to just a little over half a tank, & then drove to a friend's house. The car sat turned off for about an hour & when I tried...
  3. Where are the O2 front sensor wires (to sensor and to computer) located in the cab?

    Care, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
    I am installing an EFIE (O2 sensor enhancer) for my 2001 MR2 Spyder...does anyone know where they are located and have a photo labeling them so I can hook up the EFIE inline? Also...are the wires analog or digital or both? I'm thinking the wires are the OBD ii I right? My EFIE needs...
  4. Hard top Spyder (with photos)

    Cars for Sale
    I have my 2001 Spyder back on the market. Black with tan interior. 24000 miles. Haas turbo kit, air fuel meter, short shifter, custom tires and rims, Lowering springs, brass shifting bushings. Garage kept, low miles due to being in and out of storage. Soft top is in great shape. Don't forget the...