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2zz swap ecu


    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Nothing wrong with it just considering selling the mr2 so I want to part out. It comes with the controller as well. I'm in southern california in the valley. Wouldnt really want to ship it anywhere I would prefer meeting somewhere.
  2. 2ZZ swap doesn’t stalls on 2ZZ ECU but not 1zz ECU

    Appearance Modifications
    Hey guys I’m definitely confused here. I did a new 1zz to 2zz swap. While I was doing the swap I went ahead and did basic bolt on modifications (PPE HEADERS w/NO CAT MID PIPE, INTAKE, CATBACK EXHAUST, 2 UNDER DRIVE PULLEYS). When I start the MRS with the 2zz ECU idles for 30 sec and dies. But...
  3. Possible MR2 Spyder Parts For Sale, Gauging Interest

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
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  4. 2zz swap from smt

    Performance Modifications
    I was wondering what needs to be done to go from a smt to (hopefully) a 6speed manual. I know I'm going to need at least a clutch petal. But how much bigger is my swap going to be than a traditional 2zz and six speed swap? -thanks 2002 Spyder smt:wub:
  5. 2ZZ swap ECU wiring help

    Performance Modifications
    Hi, all spyder enthusiasts! Please, help me someone, can't find any useful information about 03. Matrix 2ZZ ECU and wiring. I got almost all parts for 2ZZ swap, but ECU was only from 03. Matrix. Cant't find any info about this ECU, is there a immobiliser, is it a swap friendly,,, it is possible...