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2zz swap

  1. 2zz swap power struggle!

    Care, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
    Hi everyone, I'm a hobby car mechanics newb and I'm trying to sort the car out myself, so if any stupid questions occur, don't flame rather teach. (there's no such thing as stupid question, but the stupid answer.) Short introduction before tackling the problem. Bought 1zz turobed Spyder with C2...
  2. 2ZZ swap doesn’t stalls on 2ZZ ECU but not 1zz ECU

    Appearance Modifications
    Hey guys I’m definitely confused here. I did a new 1zz to 2zz swap. While I was doing the swap I went ahead and did basic bolt on modifications (PPE HEADERS w/NO CAT MID PIPE, INTAKE, CATBACK EXHAUST, 2 UNDER DRIVE PULLEYS). When I start the MRS with the 2zz ECU idles for 30 sec and dies. But...
  3. 2zz Mr2 Spyder for sale

    Cars for Sale Car is located in CA, I have linked my CL ad above. $6,500 on CL taking $6k for spyderchat members. Thats a deal, we all know the costs of 2zz swaps. I posted it for sale about a year ago I believe, I had a lot of interest but...
  4. 2zz Swap in San Diego

    Performance Modifications
    So i was driving last night home from work and my car started sputtering. Pretty sure I have the precat failure scenario going on. I'm would love to get KA engine in there but I need my AC in southern California. With that said can anyone recommend a shop that can do a 2zz swap? My garage...
  5. WTB -2zz XRS throttle body

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Anyone have a corolla/Matrix XRS throttle body for sale?
  6. Possible MR2 Spyder Parts For Sale, Gauging Interest

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Post Deleted
  7. FS: Complete 2ZZ swap/ c60, (MWR Harness, exedy clutch, 01GTS ECU).

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    FS: JDM C60, and c56 low miles parting out my spyder and swap. after completing the swap the car was hit 2 days after registering it. everything swap related is still new. motor sounds perfect, the tranny shifted perfect and over all the car pulled awesome. Location: Upstate NY C60...
  8. WTB: 2zz TB (Celica)

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Looking for a good Celica 2zz throttle body with no signs of wear.
  9. 2zz full exhaust

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    I have a custom 2zz 2.5 inch full exhaust for sale. It is the modified GTS header welded to a large flex pipe that connects to a Magnaflow muffler and a simple tip to exit. I spent a lot more than I expected to get this welded to fit. Straight bolt on 2zz exhaust with 2 O2 sensor ports. Asking...
  10. WTB IAC valve

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Anyone have a clean one laying around? Car idles a bit high, I do remember cleaning mine the best I could before swap went in.
  11. Test drove 2zz swapped mr2 , not running good.

    Care, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
    2zz swap is finished , put fresh 91 octane fuel in it and took it for a drive. Sputtering like crazy, figured the ECU needs some driving time to find the right fuel trims. Drove again today for about 20 min , and car seemed to get a bit better , but still couldn't get past 2500-3000 RPM's. . No...
  12. 2zz Throttle cable re-location question

    Performance Modifications
    I re-located my Throttle cable for my 2zz swap . . . but I've been told my TB might actually pull like my 1zz so no need to re-locate. As seen on pictures I have re-located the throttle wire and have a few questions. First , does the throttle wire go as I outlined it on the pic above. Thats...
  13. Different 2zz throttle body

    Performance Modifications
    The TB I have for my 2zz has the crankcase breather hose exit facing the fire wall. What hose did you guys use for this TB? The OEM Toyota one is too short.
  14. Who can do/finish a 2zz swap in Cen Cal? Shop or individuals.

    Performance Modifications
    My 2zz swap has been stalled for the past 2 months now. New job/school has kept me busy. Looking for anyone out there who has experience with the swap and can come down and give a hand or take over the swap. Here are the details: * 2zz Engine is in. Car is currently on jack stands on cement...
  15. 2zz knock sensor removal

    Performance Modifications
    Happy Holidays Everyone! So my 2zz swap has stalled for a while since I've been busy. Engine is in, but I did not remove the 2zz knock sensor when the engine was out. I was able to fit a hand in there and take off the nut off of the stud that is the knock sensor, seems to be that I need a...
  16. 2zz help

    Performance Modifications
    Where does this black 2 wire plug go? I know one is for MAF ,other is reverse light sensor, don't know the other one. I know where all of these go except for the grey one wire plug, is it my knock sensor plug, it doesn't match. Did your guy's AC lines end up like this? My buddy said I had...
  17. FS: MWR VVL connector kit

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    FS: MWR 2zz VVL connector kit Ordered and never used. Ended up modding my harness without them. Brand new, will include MWR sticker lol. MWR has them for $89.99 + shipping. Asking $80 shipped.
  18. c64 missing a sensor or bolt?

    Performance Modifications
    I bought the c64 transmission with this missing bolt/cap/sensor pictured. Don't know what goes in there and I've searched all over the web. I remember on the c56 it was some sort of gold plated cap, but I saw a picture showing what seemed to be a sensor that went on there, maybe the c60 has a...
  19. Engine Noise Diagnostic Help

    Care, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
    Hi All, Have a 2zz swap with an engine noise I would like to diagnose the root cause. Here are the symptoms: 1. Sounds more like a ping/rattle than a knock. 2. Louder when engine is hot. 3. Only in the 3200-3500 range. (Regardless of gear). 4. Only on acceleration with partial throttle, not...
  20. Vango's 2ZZ Swap

    Performance Modifications
    Hey guys, getting help from Triz and DDPR, I've gotten all the nessecary parts to get me going on my swap. I hope the SC guru's can help me out if I get into any problems. The story is I miss my car. Since I'm going to school and was living in downtown San Diego I didn't want to bring my car...