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  1. 03 6-Speed Spyder $4999 In South Carolina

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    2003 Spyder 6-speed swap from JDM celica GT-S MonkeyWrench Reverse blockout and selector shaft for swap 142k miles Salvage title from minor accident at 50k miles No power steering Top is torn but repaired and dry Go back in my post history for info on my ownership, the trans swap, and the power...
  2. TRD Quick Shift Kit in 6 speed

    Performance Modifications
    Hello, I could really use the Forum's help. I'm looking for a TRD Quick Shift Kit in 6 speed variety (part No. 33530-ZW310). I've been in touch with some importers/exporters for Japan parts (including but so far I've had absolutely no joy. I found - briefly - a German site...
  3. 2004 6 speed 1E3 Phantom Grey Pearl Spyder w/ Harddog double diagonal...

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    sold $6000 sold I love this car. It is the most awesome car I've ever had in my life. Getting married this summer, just bought a four door car (oh, dear lord it happened...), wife-to-be has a mazdaspeed miata, so neither of us has back seats OR storage... and the mr2 has to go ? Stock...
  4. 2003 MR2 Spyder 6spd SMG Convertible

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    For Sale is a Perfect Condition 2003 Toyota MR2 Spyder Convertible! It is a 6 speed SMG. The car drives like a dream and is super clean! It has 152,000 miles but has not one single thing wrong with it mechanically. I just put all 4 new tires on it this week (less than 50 miles on the!) and the...
  5. 2001 2ZZ 6spd Spyder w/LSD + PFC

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    I'm selling my 2001 silver 6spd Spyder with a 2zz swap. I'm near Ann Arbor, MI and am willing to drive far to meet anyone who is seriously interested. I've decided that it's time for me to get a new WRX since a baby seat fits much better in those. :) It has been extremely reliable and fun. I...
  6. 5 to 6 speed smt

    Performance Modifications
    I have a 5 speed smt tranny. Can I just put the 6 speed smt gear box into my car or will I need more parts thanks, also if I can would anyone wanting to do a mt swap be willing to give me their 6 speed smt for a 6 speed out of a 02 Celica gts
  7. will this work?

    Performance Modifications
    smt/mt swap Q's So I have an infamous 5 speed smt and I want to do the mt swap but all I have is the Celica gts 6 speed for my 2zz swap, will my 6 speed bolt onto my 1zz? If so will the ecu from the gts with the loom play nice with my 1zz? I Ps. I have seen the mt/smt swap thread already
  8. Item # for 6 speed Celica GT-S shift cables? Need replace - shop cant find

    Care, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
    My MRS has a 2ZZ with the 6 speed and the cables went out. The shop replaced with 5 speed ones and 6th gear pops out into neutral because they used the VIN number to order. How can I get these guys to put the right ones in?? They should be Toyota Celica GT-S 6 speed shift cables Thank you