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  1. Stubborn shifter after 2ZZ/6-speed swap

    Care, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
    When I swapped my engine for a 2ZZ, I seized the opportunity to also upgrade my transmission to a 6-speed C60 with a TRD helical LSD. While the car is driveable and all gears are useable, I have some difficulties shifting that I need to go away. The symptoms are this: 1st gear: hard to get...
  2. Just got an 03 smt 6 speed last friday. P0031 , SMT paranoia/problems

    So I just bought an 03 SMT 6 speed last Friday and man is it fun to drive. I bought it from a sketchy new jersey dealer and on my ride home the CEL went on so I used my diagnostic and found p0171 and a p0031. I cleared both codes and the P0171 has remained off since(over 500 miles and about a...
  3. Sammy's Super Charged Super Swap

    Performance Modifications
    Sammy's Super Charged Super Swap (Rotrex) This will be a log of my Rotrex build, In keeping with the trend first started here: Which was my 1ZZ to 2ZZ swap thread. I only managed to rack up about 20 miles on the swap before I was...