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  1. Black 2002, 2zz & 6spd, in Las Vegas

    Cars for Sale
    I considered selling it about a year ago, but ended up holding on to it. Unfortunately now it's time to sell. Not a lot has changed since last posted, just another ~20k trouble free miles on it. I'll only consider selling parts if I don't have any luck selling it as a whole, so for now, not...
  2. 6 speed tranys for sale (off of a 2zzge)

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Hi i have 2 transmissions for a 2zzge engine. i think these might fit some other projects but fact is that i bought 2 parts cars to cut up for body parts and both cars were toyota matrix xrs. One had 70k miles and the other had 80K miles. so i sold the 2zzge engines seperately and now i have Two...