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  1. Need to replace aftermarket antenna

    Audio and Electronics
    I'm going to admit to being an idiot. I let best buy replace my radio and motorized antenna. The radio is great but I've finally gotten tired of the crap job they did on the antenna and want to replace it. I think I want to replace it with one of those 5" screw on nubs but I want to replace...
  2. FS: 2001 Silver MR2 Spyder (New Engine/Mods) $7,800

    Cars for Sale
    FS: 2001 Silver MR2 Spyder (New Engine/Mods) $7,000 2001 Silver Toyota MR2 Spyder (MR-S) For Sale. $7,000 Mods are as follows: - Full Japan Trial Body Kit - Wings West Rear Spoiler - ACT Stage 2 Clutch (BRAND NEW) - TRD Short-Throw Shifting Kit - Full Apexi Cat Back Exhaust System...
  3. headlights!?

    Audio and Electronics
    my headlights have a film on them that won't buff off. I would really like some aftermarket headlights, but i'm pretty sure they don't make any for the spyder. any ideas of where i could get some online, manufacturer or aftermarket? thanks!
  4. WTB: Aftermarket Exhaust, Header, and Downpipe!

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Let me know if you have any for sale. Used or new doesn't matter. Thanks.
  5. Aftermarket cruise control

    Audio and Electronics
    Does anyone have any feedback on adding cruise control to a Spyder that wasn't originally fitted with one. Are the aftermarkets any good? Is there a better solution? Pros / Cons of the different ones that are out there? Are there any differences between the 1zz/2zz that need to be taken into...
  6. First ever aftermarket hardtop could be in the works. Please put in your 2 cents!

    Appearance Modifications
    Check out This is my friend Matt Donaghy's baby. We are in the same jeep club ( and he has been making aftermarket hardtops for Jeep CJs and TJ Wranglers for about 7-8 years now. I have been a MR2 enthusiast for years now and have been saving my pennies and...