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  1. Stuck antenna

    Care, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
    Hi everyone, I just recently joined and I'm pleased to have found this forum. Tried to find a member presentation thread but found none... My antenna got stuck some time ago, motor is working but antenna is stuck 1/4th out and won't budge. I have really no idea how it works, i'm guessing...
  2. Need to replace aftermarket antenna

    Audio and Electronics
    I'm going to admit to being an idiot. I let best buy replace my radio and motorized antenna. The radio is great but I've finally gotten tired of the crap job they did on the antenna and want to replace it. I think I want to replace it with one of those 5" screw on nubs but I want to replace...
  3. Power Antenna Conversion

    Audio and Electronics
    Question: I have a fixed mast stubby radio antenna on my stock 2001 MR2 Spyder and want to put a power one in. Tired of unscrewing it every time I cover the car and don't want to cut a hole in the cover. What do I need for an antenna and what am I going to run into electrically to get...
  4. Anyone installed a Mechless stereo?

    Audio and Electronics
    I have always hated CDs. I have just seen some Mechless stereos and wondered if anyone has installed one. Also, what about the power antenna? I want to make sure the antenna works just like the stock radio - on - up, off - down. Do all stereos support this?
  5. Anyone replaced their antenna and reused the old cable?

    Audio and Electronics
    Just got a white 2003 Spyder and found it has a bad antenna. I have been reading about antennas on the forum here and nobody has mentioned reusing the current wire. I don't really want to remove the console and all. There are ways to cut the current wire and add some connectors to hook them...
  6. LT Short Antenna

    Vendor Deals
    This post/thread is to replace the 4 or 5 threads that got deleted during the big commercial sales purge before the switch to the new board. The pricing on my site is about the same as the GB prices that I was doing at the time of the GB threads (It's more by maybe $0.30 or something small like...