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  1. New Spyder owner...again... need help finding add ons

    Appearance Modifications
    Hello, This is my 4th Spyder (a red 2004) in the past I was able to find a new spyder hood badge and a badge to go over the steering wheel. does anyone have a list or link to where I can but anything MADE FOR A SPYDER? not looking for a one size fit's all junk. but I would love to add tasteful...
  2. Rear Badges

    Appearance Modifications
    I recently had my rear bumper repainted. And of course had to loose the original badges. I need help/suggestions on where to buy new badges. Please post a link with your suggestion. If you have a picture of the badge you bought on your car that would be fantastic. Thanks, Ross
  3. Any one know where to buy a Mk1 eagle emblem?

    Appearance Modifications
    Im looking for the Emblem that was found on the front of the MKI. I know you can sometimes find them on ebay but I was wondering if there is another place for them. I don't think dealers carry them any more. Does anyone know if someone makes a reproduction of them?
  4. FS: TRD Badge emblem for Horn button or Wheel center

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    I got TRD badge left for 10 shown on pictures below will sell for $12.00 shipped each. If anyone interested, send me payment via PayPal to [email protected] Note: Item ships from Thailand...need 7-14 business days for shipment.