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  1. WTB: MR2 Spyder with Blown Motor/Trans in NW Indiana Area

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    Hello all! I am currently in the market for an MR2 Spyder with a blown motor/trans (wanting to do a 2ZZ swap). I am not too concerned with mileage; I would simply like a near-stock, manual example with minimal rust. Clean title is preferred, but I would consider a rebuilt title if sufficient...
  2. WTB: Rolling MKIII Mr2 Blown Engine

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    Hello Spyderchat, Ive lurked on these forums for quite awhile but due to the lack of owning an MR2, I havent necessarily had anything useful to contribute. Ive recently moved out to Portland OR, wrecked my s2000, and am now looking to resurrect her with an MR2. I would prefer finding...
  3. last night my 245,XXX mile SPYDER shot a rod threw the bottom of my engine... :(

    Care, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
    my engine is DONE.... i have to buy a new engine now and need to know if anyone has dropped one, or what is the easiest way to get the engine out and new one in. any info will help my friend Renteria and I will be starting it monday. please please please help....
  4. FS: 2001 Red MR2 Spyder, 5 speed, NJ NY , needs some work - $3,900

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    FS: 2001 Red MR2 Spyder, 5 speed, NJ NY , needs some work - $3,400 selling my 01 Spyder. 5 speed. 168k miles. I bought it from a woman who commuted from NJ to PA everyday hence the higher miles. I have a folder full of receipts of work done. Car runs and drives fine however the engine does...