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  1. WTB- Bracing, Upper Lower Front Mid Rear

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Mostly looking for: Corky Breastplate or MSMB (or that more recent group buy version from the UK.) TRD or other 1 piece front upper strut tower brace Front member brace If the price is right I will entertain other pieces. Just let me know can pm me the item, it's condition and price. Shipping...
  2. FS: Corky's MSMB - Brand new, never installed ($675) SF Bay Area

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Selling a brand new, never installed Corky's MSMB. This brace is currently no longer being made and the new group buy may or may not happen. Get it NOW without any waiting! The brace is located in the San Francisco Bay Area. At this time, I'm only entertaining a local sale. The cost is $675 net...
  3. TRD Front Strut Brace vs Corky's Front Member brace?

    Suspension and Handling
    Hi all About 100% sure about a Corky's Breastplate as a best buy for bracing, but I'm trying to decide if a Front Strut brace is a better option than Corky's Front Member brace... Is the FMB enough? Is the Strut Brace enough? I want one or the other and the only advantage I can SEE is that the...
  4. FS: Corky's Breast Plate

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    I have a Corky's Breast Plate for sale in excellent condition. ***Sold***
  5. FS: Race Brace like Breast Plate

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    I have one of these for sale. Painted 3PO Red. It is ready to ship. Let me know if you have any questions. You will use the curret bolts that you use for your OEM braces. It is $119 + exact shipping costs. God bless.
  6. GI: Race Brace Like Corky's Breast Plate

    Performance Modifications
    I am gauging interest in the Race Brace similar to Corky's Breast Plate. I will move this to the commercial sales if there is enough interest. Please see the pictures that compare to the OEM braces. Please let me know if this is something of interest. Price would be approximately $119.00 plus...