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  1. Appearance Modifications
    Hello guys! This is actually my very first post here lol. I was wondering if any of you have Recaro ABEs on their MR-S, since I'm planning to buy those for my car. I do need to know if the seating position is lower or higher (with Recaro rails) and if the seat is too wide to fit inside. Thank you
  2. Performance Modifications
    Hello Im looking to buy side mounted bucket seats and brackets. Was thinking of Bride FG rails but I've no idea what seats it would fit that sit lower than stock other than ridiculously expensive Bride seats (I wouldnt mind replicas if you can point me in the right direction). And yes I did use...
  3. Parts and Miscellaneous for Sale
    Some minor scratches on the side mounts, no cracks or tear on the fabric only a bit fading. Fits comfortably up to 38 waist. Driver side bride seat brackets for ZZW30/mr2 spyder included or i can sell it separately. Plug and play bucket seat setup ready! Pick up in SOCAL area, shoot me an offer!
  4. Parts and Miscellaneous for Sale
    SPF on the Bride GIAS w/ Bride (Other items for sale) *pick up preferre*Fullerton, CA Hey y'all, My days with my spyder are numbered, and I'm starting the process of going back to stock. Today I pulled my eBay Bride GIAS w/ Authentic Bride LR seat rail for the driver side. This seat has...
  5. Appearance Modifications
    OMP Ronco GT- Installed Pics now up I picked this seat up from OMP America's "Outlet" section on their website. $200.00 + $50.00 shipping. It fits me perfectly being a bigger guy who doesn't fit in any of the smaller seats. This is similar to an EVO 3 in size, but it feels much sturdier and...
1-5 of 5 Results