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  1. My Mr2 Story đź’”

    MR2 Spyder Main Forum
    I for 2 years lived in Alaska for college. While up there I bought what is my current daily driver the 2008 6MT Fj cruiser, and while I love her I now live in Charolette NC for the Nascar Technical Institute. As you may know, tahe Fj does NOT get the best MPG especially as mine currently sits. I...
  2. Another 2zz mr2 spyder

    Another 2zz mr2 spyder

  3. TRD LSD install into a C60

    Care, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
    I have C60 transmission and TRD helical LSD sitting in my garage and I'd like to install the LSD myself. I've never done anything like this and I'm having trouble finding a coherent method. The first method seems to be the oem instructions that require a full transmission rebuild/disassembly. I...
  4. 2zz/c60 swap can't grab a gear higher than second

    Performance Modifications
    Hello all, This is my first post here on spyderchat, and if this was already discussed let me know, but I cannot seem to find anything about it. I have gotten to the point in my 2zz swap where I installed the new shifter shaft and all other goodies into the c60 transmission. The problem is...
  5. Celica GTS 6-speed part out Georgia

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Hey everyone! Just picked up a GT-S for some parts for myself and I will have plenty extra for sale! The car runs and drives and all the parts seem to be in good condition. 2ZZ-GE engine (just had a tune up and new clutch) C60 6-speed transmission Really good condition black leather seats...
  6. 2ZZ Turbo: Which transmission? C56 or C60?

    Performance Modifications
    Hi. Im planning to install a T3/T4 turbo in my 2ZZ. At this moment I have installed the 5-speed gearbox (C56), and I have a 6-speed transmission (C60) in my workshop. Which would be better to use it with turbo? PD: to use the C60 I must invest approximately $ 300 dollars for the shift shaft...
  7. 2001 Black 2zz Spyder w/ upgrades- APEX PowerFC Commander, Koni TrueChoice coilovers!

    Cars for Sale
    ***She's SOLD TO HAPPY NEW OWNER!*** [B]Some of my new in boxes performance upgrade parts available for sale now...more to be listed shortly...!&p=1312882#post1312882...
  8. F/S: 2003 2zz C60 transmission - 6th gear jumps out - $ 500 OBO

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    I don't know the mileage on this transmission, something around 100k. It works fine except it jumps out of 6th gear, so probably needs to be rebuilt. I am in Northern Virginia
  9. C60 6 Speed Transmission (Ready to bolt up to MR2 Spyders)

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    SOLD: C60 6 Speed Transmission (Ready to bolt up to MR2 Spyders) (This Item is sold)I bought this transmission from for $1,400 about 500 miles ago already prepped to bolt into my 2000 MR2 (With MWR Reverse Block-out and brand new shifter parts!). I had a front end...
  10. FS in Los Angeles, CA: Modded 2ZZ C60 MR2 Spyder

    Cars for Sale
    Hey guys, thinking of selling of my MR2 Spyder so I can fund a new venture I'm doing and I haven't really been driving it as much. I really do not want to sell this beautiful ride, but if I get what I'm asking for, I'm willing to let it go. If not, then more reason for me to keep her. I'm...
  11. FS: LN European C60 6-speed MR2 Transmission with LSD

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    For Sale, in like new condition. Probably has less than 100 miles on it, with absolutely no issues. Practically brand new. Only 6-speed that'll bolt right in to a Spyder (either 1zz or 2zz) Already has reverse blockout, and Toyota Helical LSD. Was run with Redline MT90. Great for...
  12. WTB: 2zz MR2 Spyder in Southern California

    Cars for Sale
    As the title states, I'm looking to buy a 2zz-swapped MR2 spyder. Ideally, I'd like the car to have a Celica GTS-geared 6 speed (4.5 gears) with LSD. A'PEXi FC is a plus, but not a must. If the car is modded, it must either be tastefully done, or completely reversible. I'm not looking for a...
  13. MS Designs Body Kit, C60 6spd (50k)

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    FS: MS Designs Body Kit with Pictures Hello, Selling an MS Designs Body Kit, unpainted, fitment is good, small crack on drive side fender, doesn't look like a problem to get repaired. The kit is original and stamped, made in australia I believe. Will post pics when I get back in town for the...