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  1. Selling Catalytic Converter w/ fully intact pre cats

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  2. Ticking from engine

    MR2 Spyder Main Forum
    I recently purchased an MR2 spyder. I know it isnt perfect but my mechanic said its good enough. anyways, my engine has a ticking noise that i noticed when i first test drove it. The tick is the loudest when the car is cold, idling and on low rpms but the sound disappears when i rev the car...
  3. WTB: Stock exhaust manifold w/pre-cats

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Hello, I'm new to spyderchat . Not sure if I'm posting in the right place. (sorry if I'm not ) I'm looking for the stock exhaust system or the stock exhaust manifold w/pre-cats or cat pipe for my spyder. I recently bought a spyder and it came with aftermarket headers and the catalytic...
  4. clogged catalytic convertor

    MR2 Spyder Main Forum
    My catalytic convertor is clogged. Got the downpipe off and the muffler shop said they could cut it open and clear it out but they couldn't guarantee that the welds would hold. I've looked at others online and they seem pretty pricy. Plus the header downpipe combo seems like it's somewhat...
  5. WTB: Stock downpipe/midpipe

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Hello guys, I am still looking for a used stock downpipe/midpipe, whichever you prefer to call it. I need one soon, so I am willing to pay a bit more. Thanks for you time! John-Paul
  6. What would be involved in deleting the cat from my 02 MR2??

    MR2 Spyder Main Forum
    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew the best way to keep the post cat O2 sensor from going crazy after I remove the cat. Thanks.
  7. Help!!!! Cars way too loud!!!!

    Care, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
    So, I'm driving to work today and I have the 2003 SMT spyder. I approach a curve and downshift into 3rd so i can get around it safely and not but 2 seconds later the sound amplifies by 10 it's normal volume, which is already higher than it should be since I have an exhaust leak. I mean, it...
  8. TTE + PPE Cat - Sound Clip

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    The Sound Clip