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  1. 2000 Blue MR2 Spyder (Kentucky)

    Cars for Sale
    Hello fellow spyderchatters :) Selling my 2000 Spyder. It is manual and has 81,600 miles on it right now. It is my daily driver so that will go up, but not much. The reason I'm selling is because I'm starting a business and need a work vehicle. If you are interested, call or text...
  2. 2001 MR2 Spyder custom/paint job

    Cars for Sale
    Hello, I'm selling my 2001 MR2 Spyder. I am going to miss this car, have to let it go. I have a second baby on the way and need a 4 dr sedan (hopefully a M-B, BMW or Lexus ;)). The car has 107,212 miles on it, it has a custom paint job (porsche boxter orange), TRD style body kit, recently...