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  1. CHE Top Speed Pro 1 Adjustable Rear Suspension Package !!

    Vendor Deals
    Hello Members, Brand New Top Speed Pro 1 Adjustable Rear Suspension Package: Rear Track Camber Arms + Rear Lower Toe Control Arms + Rear Lower Trailing Arms Perfect add-on suspension upgrade for lowered Spyders Allows wide range of adjustment for rear camber/toe/trailing Reduces rear squat on...
  2. GI: Drop Spindles, Adjustable Front LCA's, AND MORE!

    Performance Modifications
    GI: Adjustable Front LCA's, AND MORE! UPDATE FEB.14.2012 - Battle Version MR-S arms NOW AVAILABLE! I am coming to you all to gain interest in some potential suspension products which you may like. I have been talking to well known fabricator Alex Pfeiffer (BattleVersion), who has shown genuine...
  3. WTB Front Right Lower Cntrl Arm / Ball Joint

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    While installing new poly bushings, I discovered that the grease boot on my front right ball joint is torn and has been squirting grease for a while. Unfortunately, Toyota doesn't sell the ball joint by itself. So if anyone has a control arm with a ball joint in good shape let me know. Even...