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  1. Corkys RLCB Brace (RLCB incompatible with Moroso pan)

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    As the title states, I have an RMB and RLCB for sale. Have sold the car, now clearing out the garage. (making room for competitor HPDE victim, FFR 818o_O). I bought these used and never installed. They seem to be in great condition, asking $475 for the pair, or $250 each. Certainly open to...
  2. FS: Corky's MSMB - Brand new, never installed ($675) SF Bay Area

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Selling a brand new, never installed Corky's MSMB. This brace is currently no longer being made and the new group buy may or may not happen. Get it NOW without any waiting! The brace is located in the San Francisco Bay Area. At this time, I'm only entertaining a local sale. The cost is $675 net...
  3. Corky's RMB installation on an 03+

    Performance Modifications
    Does anyone have any experience installing Corky's RMB, specifically the extensions that replace the stock braces? When I took out the rear strut bolt to thread through the brace, there was a washer that I could not remove. The bolt with the washer could not fit on the brace. Here is the...
  4. FS: Corky's Breast Plate

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    I have a Corky's Breast Plate for sale in excellent condition. ***Sold***
  5. CAI? K&N air filter? exhaust? header? MAF mod? what mod to do first if at all -Thanks

    Performance Modifications
    CAI? K&N air filter? exhaust? header? MAF mod? what mod to do first if at all -Thanks I am slightly limited on funds and I am going to order a Corkys breast plate and some better tires to shore up the handling first of all.... I am wondering what mods would you guys recommend for improving mid...
  6. WTB full front air dam (center and sides) + Corky MSMB

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Want to buy Solar Yellow or Black OEM spoiler. I could take the whole engine lid in either color as well. If you are going wingless I could give you my lid if you need. Again, local preferred but could travel for the lid assuming you want my stock wingless one that way we can just swap and I...
  7. GI: Race Brace Like Corky's Breast Plate

    Performance Modifications
    I am gauging interest in the Race Brace similar to Corky's Breast Plate. I will move this to the commercial sales if there is enough interest. Please see the pictures that compare to the OEM braces. Please let me know if this is something of interest. Price would be approximately $119.00 plus...