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  1. Suddenly I have a lot more body roll

    Care, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
    Suddenly my car (2005 ZZW30) started to have a lot more body roll.This happened half a year ago and I've been slowly trying to figure out if it was me, the tires, the suspension or the alignment and I've come up empty. I hope I'm right with what body roll means, but when I take a corner at...
  2. Just bought my first20 01 Spyder, Need handling/suspension/intake advice!!!

    Performance Modifications
    Hey everyone. Im happy to say after years and years or waiting, I finally was able to go out and buy an MR2. Its a 2001, one owner, 77k miles and in flawless shape. I don't intend to autocross or turbo or supercharge, i mainly bought it because I love taking courners and just riding around...