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  1. Installing Indiglo gauges

    Audio and Electronics
    i wanted my dash simply to be blue instead of orange, of course this wasn't as simple as i had hoped for. So i ordered this 'indiglo gauge' (Toyota MR2 - 3gen. design 1) so the plugs that can be seen go into a converter an the converter needs to be wired to the car. The company states 'If...
  2. irritating cracking from the dashboard or cockpit

    Care, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
    Hi, friends I have an issue with the new lovely MR2 Spyder. It is a 2003 facelift model with 90.000 miles. When I drive on the road and I drive through potholes or some rugged roads or through speed bumps I hear an irritating cracking from the bottom part of the windscreen left and now on the...
  3. MR2 Spyder Gauge Cluster Disassembly How-To

    MR2 Spyder Main Forum
    MR2 Spyder Gauge Cluster Disassembly How-To This is a fairly simply task which many Spyder enthusiasts could very well figure out on their own, but it's easier to do any disassembly when you know someone else has it already documented so you know what you're getting yourself into. This...
  4. Change toyota MRS (Spyder) dashboard

    Appearance Modifications
    Hi, I am a new owner of toyota MRS and I am not very happy with the old design of the cockpit area. Well, I know it was designed 10 yrs ago and I do admire the nice look of the car itself. Now I want to change the dashboard/cockpit into modern and sleek design but im not sure which car...