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  1. Member Classifieds
    I'm a newer owner trying to do a few things to spruce up the ride. Does anyone have any extra JDM emblems they're willing to sell me? I was hoping to snag a black eagle emblem for the hood and a TRD emblem for the back. Emblems for the center caps and steering wheel would be cool to. Let me know!
  2. Appearance Modifications
    Our 2000 Mr2 came with no badges on the rear....anyone know where I can get some good ones? Thanks.
  3. Appearance Modifications
    Im looking for the Emblem that was found on the front of the MKI. I know you can sometimes find them on ebay but I was wondering if there is another place for them. I don't think dealers carry them any more. Does anyone know if someone makes a reproduction of them?
  4. Parts and Miscellaneous for Sale
    I got TRD badge left for 10 shown on pictures below will sell for $12.00 shipped each. If anyone interested, send me payment via PayPal to [email protected] Note: Item ships from Thailand...need 7-14 business days for shipment.
  5. Appearance Modifications
    Does anyone know....? If you pull the TOYOTA & MR2 badge off the back of the Spyder, does it have guide holes in the body / trunk, or are they emblems just stuck on with tape or adhesive?
  6. Appearance Modifications
    Does anyone know where i can order some Midship Runabout emblems im looking for my wheels, my front bumper and my steering wheel.
1-6 of 6 Results