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  1. Engine Management
    I've been wondering, does anyone know what the stock computer needs to have the OBD port fully functional? I've been wondering if its possible to run my powerFC in tandem with the stock ECU for OBD functionality. Ideally it would be the powerFC running the show, with the just the minimum amount...
  2. Care, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
    I recently was unable to complete my emissions test due to a check engine light. The heater circuit bank 1 sensor 2 is causing the issue. After reading the forums, I concluded the driver side, as seen in the picture is sensor 2. After driving for 100 miles the check engine light returned, could...
  3. MR2 Spyder Main Forum
    I finished up my 2ZZ swap about two weeks ago and haven’t been able to get a New York State Inspection (Safety & Emissions) done because of a pesky P0141 code that kept on intermittently tripping a CEL. I finally corrected this issue by replace the faulty O2 sensor and ran the Spyder through its...
  4. Care, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
    I've been looking all over the internet to buy a new purge valve for my MR2's vapor canister. I can't find it!!! Ionly find but the complete vapor canister and it's worth ~250 dollars. Does this purge valve come with the vapor canister? or can it be bought separately? help me please!!!
  5. Parts and Miscellaneous for Sale
    So I went to the dealership yesterday to see if they could locate the leak in my evap system...a bucks later they told me I needed to replace my vapor canister and valves. So...I know it may be a long shot, but if anyone has a vapor canister for sale please contact me ASAP. Thanks for reading...
1-5 of 5 Results