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  1. Performance Modifications
    Hey guys! So these Lotus style center exhaust have caught my attention, did some searching but most threads seem to have atleast a couple of years on their necks. Does anyone have recent experience with these exhausts? Is there an actual difference between Malian and Top Speed? They look pretty...
  2. Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    NIB MagnaFlow MR2 Spyder California CARB Compliant Direct-Fit Catalytic Converter (midpipe, not header) Part no. 457065. MSRP $769 Picked this up a couple years ago and never used it. Still new in box. This is the CARB legal (California Legal) part number so no issues with smog. Minor...
  3. Performance Modifications
    Hey all, I'm looking to fabricate my own downpipe for my exhaust since my OEM is rusted out and I'm putting on a new header. I can do the measurements off of the OEM one but I was hoping there would be some pre-existing info on it that I have yet to find. Mostly guage of steel and...
  4. Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Check out my listing:
  5. Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Looking to buy full exhaust or from midpipe back for my 00 1zz spyder when i bought it which was not too long ago it came with an obnoxious striaghtpipe no cat to be seen and ive split 2 ebay headers now i just need it running right and bye bye check engine light. Located in MD please let me know.
  6. Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Moved to CA. Need OEM exhaust for smog. Let me know what exhaust parts you got laying around. Alternately, if you got tips on passing smog w/o returning the exhaust to stock, let me know. Location is Bay Area.
  7. Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    I've got a OBX exhaust header that came off of my 2002 for sale for $200. OBX sells these for $500 new and Monkey Wrench Racing used to sell them for $300 but they don't anymore.
  8. Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    I have a custom 2zz 2.5 inch full exhaust for sale. It is the modified GTS header welded to a large flex pipe that connects to a Magnaflow muffler and a simple tip to exit. I spent a lot more than I expected to get this welded to fit. Straight bolt on 2zz exhaust with 2 O2 sensor ports. Asking...
  9. Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Removed this manifold for a friend with a 2005 and 70K and a perfectly running engine with no modifications what so ever. Will ship exactly what you see in the attached pictures. Includes the metal OEM gasket!! Mister2 Tim SupercharZed ToyZ RacZing A Toyota Race Team since 1987 Boca Raton, Fl
  10. Performance Modifications
    I've searched/read the Forum posts, but am lost in the detail. A simple recommendation is appreciated. Here's the request: Background: I recently acquired a 2003 Spyder with dual 2.5" stainless exhaust and Magnaflow muffler. All works fine, but very loud when top is up (can't hear radio...
  11. Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    I am considering letting go a couple of rare parts IF I could recoup what I paid for them. All prices do not include shipping and are net to me of any fees. 1. BRAND NEW, never installed mud guards/flaps in Spectra Mica Blue (8M6). I purchase the last set from AKA RAFA when he was still with...
  12. Vendor Deals
    Hello Members, We have just released our Dual Canister exhaust in a Full Titanium version. Extremely light weight!! The stock exhaust weighs about 30lbs, Our Titanium Dual Canister weighs in at only 10LBS! REAL Titanium, TIG welded 57mm piping with 70mm Tips Very Aggressive Deep Tone The...
  13. Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Top and high end exhaust for MR2 Spyder Kakimoto GT Box Titanium MR2 Spyder, MR-S Full Titanium Exhaust system Very light Very very rare Item Location Thailand 1,120.00 USD Price include shipping to USA and Worldwide with tracking NO. and full safe package (4-15 days) Paypal...
  14. Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Hello All! Figured I would look here too, I'm already looking on the forum. But since a lot of you are 2ZZ enthusiasts and use Celica ECUs and what not for swaps, thought you might have some parts I'm look for. I'm currently trying to take my 2000 2ZZ with 6 Speed manual back to...
  15. Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Genuine original OEM MR2 Spyder muffler. This is from a 2005 MR2 Spyder and was on the car for only about 30,000 miles. As you can see from the photos it is in very good condition. Pick up from Los Angeles.
  16. Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Hey I'm looking for a downpipe anything oem or aftermarket let me know!
  17. Performance Modifications I'm looking at this setup and only thing I notice that could be bad is it doesn't have the flex pipe like the stock downpipe. Not sure how big as issue that could be anyone else run this setup? If so any problem?
  18. Care, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
    Hello there, I;m new on this forum (yup this is pretty much my first post around here) and with this car. After searching for a few hours on the web and after a look up on the forum, i was not able to identify how to solve my problem. So let's start with the car : It's a 2001 Mr2 Spyder...
  19. Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    As the title says, I have a set of OBX headers and Che Lotus style exhaust for sale. Both had been on my car for around 1 year/6k miles. I had a muffler shop welded in 2 extra O2 sensor bungs on the OBX headers, so you won't get a CEL with these. Asking $120 for each of the OBX headers or...
  20. Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Hi all, Just sold my Series 2 (02/03) MR2 and still have my OEM exhaust for sale. PM for pics/further details. Cheers, Christian
1-20 of 46 Results