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  1. MR2 Spyder Main Forum
    Hey guys, I need to replace my header... the stock manifold is giving me constant anxiety that the pre-cats are gonna blow. (I own a 2004) still I know these are less likely to blow but still. I need to get a new manifold anyway, gutting the pre-cats isn't an option or a route I want to go...
  2. Performance Modifications
    Hello everyone, I have a 2003 Spyder. Im in the middle of getting my HPU off. I was just wondering if anyone knows any easy and cheap ways to make my car sound good. I'm not able to spend lots of money right now. Thanks, V
  3. Parts and Miscellaneous for Sale
    Hello guys, I am still looking for a used stock downpipe/midpipe, whichever you prefer to call it. I need one soon, so I am willing to pay a bit more. Thanks for you time! John-Paul
  4. Parts and Miscellaneous for Sale
    1ZZ Che header, 2ZZ PPE header, HKS exhaust, 1ZZ ECU, and much more I have a bunch of parts for sale. I'll respond to PMs immediately - I can hold items for 24 hours after receiving a PM/email. If no payment is received, the item goes to the next person in line. All prices do not include...
  5. Member Classifieds
    Well since the price of a new TM Alum Dual via a GB is not that much higher than a used one through SC, I figured I'd see who else would be interested on picking up one of these. Unfortunately, I missed out on the most recent GB (and wasn't on here much to know of the ones in the past) but since...
  6. Performance Modifications
    Ceramic coating headers and valve cover Update Aug 06, 2009: Pictures bottom of page 2
1-6 of 6 Results