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  1. Appearance Modifications
    Are the facelift seaways plug and play with the pre facelift model, like did any connectors or wiring components change?
  2. Audio and Electronics
    Hello, I'm new to this site but, I have a question that I couldn't find any answers to. So, I have a 2003 MR2 and one of the previous owners decided to downgrade the headlights to the pre-facelift. Now, normally that wouldn't be hard to undo but, they had cut wires and spliced things that don't...
  3. Parts and Miscellaneous for Sale
    Hi, I have for sale a pair of 03-05 (facelift model) side vents / scoops in great condition. $130 (+PayPal fees) shipped worldwide with tracked airmail, located in Europe.
  4. Parts and Miscellaneous for Sale
    Hi, I have for sale a set of 03+ tail lights complete with wiring harness and bulbs, as seen on the photos. SOLD
  5. Parts and Miscellaneous for Sale
    Looking to upgrade my taillights to the facelift versions. Taillights that are in good physical condition are preferred, no broken plastic, etc... Please PM any offers, thank you.
  6. Parts and Miscellaneous for Sale
    FS: 2003+ head lights, HID 55w kit, cam bolts Hey guys, Clearing out some space here! Here's what's available... first come first serve if offering full price. PM or email ([email protected]): 2003+ head lights SOLD H7 lights HID 55w kit SOLD H&R brand 20mm spacers SOLD MWR short shifter...
1-6 of 6 Results