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  1. Urgent question with Fueling in a 2ZZ Turbo (Fuel regulator)

    Performance Modifications
    - 2ZZ turbo at 0.5bar (8psi) max. - MWR DW 65c fuel pump (265lph). - 700cc DW Injectors. - AEM EMS-4 (Engine management) Ok. MWR told me that with these specifications, I do not need a fuel return system. But the housing of the fuel pump has a fuel regulator (I guess it is regulated to be used...
  2. FS: Fiber Rear diffuser for Spyder

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    I got Fiber Rear diffuser for Spyder comes in Dry black with hardware included. Please see items shown by pictures below... Price will be $140.00 shipped... interested? please let me know. Thanks