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  1. My Mr2 Story đź’”

    MR2 Spyder Main Forum
    I for 2 years lived in Alaska for college. While up there I bought what is my current daily driver the 2008 6MT Fj cruiser, and while I love her I now live in Charolette NC for the Nascar Technical Institute. As you may know, tahe Fj does NOT get the best MPG especially as mine currently sits. I...
  2. Sold sold sold

    Private Sales
    I have sold my MR2 and it’s hardtop, but I still have a (rather bulky) blue padded cover. Asking $65 but will listen to any offers, just need the garage space! PM or text Gus @ 617 947 7416
  3. VIS hardtop installation

    Appearance Modifications
    Is there anyone here who managed to install the vis HT? i read a bunch of threads about the vis top but theyre all slightly dated. The top im looking at right now sold by mobb motorsports says that the hardware and weatherstrips are included unlike the old stock which doesnt come with...
  4. 2001 Toyota MR-S $5000 SoCal

    Cars for Sale
    Yet another MR-S for sale Has a hardtop, PPE headers and catless downpipe. $5000 OBO no lowballers Color: Red Miles: 138XXX Title: Clean The car is clean. I just wanna sell it to get an RX8. Brap brap rotaries will always have my heart.
  5. Hardtop for sale - SOLD

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Located in Orange County, CA. Comes with kit. $3000 OBO. No lowballers. Won’t let me upload pictures. ANNOYING AF.
  6. FS: Norcal 2zz 5 spd manual, silver with goodies (coilovers, hardtop, etc)

    Cars for Sale
    Testing the waters, getting bored of my autocross toyota mr2 spyder. Clean title, expired reg (i had it PNO). Chassis has 245k miles on it, but the motor is still a spring chicken with 80k miles. 5 speed manual with a short shifter, BC BR coilovers, MWR headers, TRD front and UR rear tower...
  7. Red hard top, Massachusetts

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    SOLD SOLD Red hard top, Massachusetts SOLD SOLD I have a newly-imported red hard top available, stored in Billerica, MA. Obtained this though SpyderChat's own Mike V a couple months ago, now changing plans force sale. Comes with complete set of mounting hardware. Asking $2100, open to...
  8. 2001 toyota mr2 2zz with hardtop

    Cars for Sale
    I am selling my love and joy MR2 Spyder with the hardtop and 2zz swap. i have the MWR intake, ppe merge pipe, ppe test pipe, stock muffler car is in good shape has a couple of cracks in the paint. I drive as a daily and have all the information on hand of the swap and all prices. I am asking for...
  9. Aftermarket Hardtop Fitment kit

    Member Market Place
    Greetings Spyder Enthusists, Due to many people complaining of the high prices of the OEM fitment kits, the issue with availability and adjustability I have created some aftermarket ones. I also created these to be low profile as some people are using rollbars and the main loop interferes with...
  10. Hardtops From The UK direct to USA - Priority shipping available

    Vendor Deals
    We have been selling hardtops from the UK, direct to the USA, both on Ebay and direct to customers since late 2016. So far, every customer has been extremely satisfied with our service. We handle and inspect every hardtop that we sell, the photos you see in the thread are of the items we have...
  11. 2002 MkIII Hardtop - Washington State

    Cars for Sale
    This gorgeous little 5-speed sports car features the ultra-rare and desirable hardtop/ragtop configuration - an option available exclusively via import from the UK. Needless to say, there are not many of these around in the US! As if that weren't enough, it also boasts the sought-after British...
  12. Black OEM Hardtop

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Selling black OEM hardtop for 2500 Freshly painted, less than a year old. PM if interested. Thanks!
  13. FS: VIS Carbon hardtop (complete) $1800 OBO

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    sold - VIS carbon Hartop edit - This part is sold and installed on the new owner's car. Thank you! :)
  14. 2001 MR2 Spyder with Matching Hardtop 14,300 Miles Solar Yellow

    Cars for Sale
    2001 MR2 Spyder (ZZW30) 14,300 Original Miles -- Solar Yellow Includes Genuine Toyota Matching Hardtop (Imported from Scotland) New Tires Custom Leather Interior (Yellow & Black) 2001 Toyota MR2 Convertible with matching Hard Top (which I imported from Scotland). The car is professionally...
  15. 2003 Blue spyder turbo w/factory hardtop

    Cars for Sale
    2003 Blue spyder turbo Hi guys selling my 2003 spyder. Here is what I've done: Turbo kit from (runing 6psi) Apexi ecu w/datalog it software water/meth injection from devils own sibon carbon hood hand laid fiberglass console custom speaker box Infinity 8 speaker system w/ 10''...
  16. Hard Top Side Latch won't stay latched

    Care, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
    I know I've read about this issue before, can't seem to find it now. But here's the issue; my passenger side hard top side post latch doesn't want to stay securely latched. It's tight and will latch properly, but unlike the windshield latches, the little release button doesn't keep the latch...
  17. First ever aftermarket hardtop could be in the works. Please put in your 2 cents!

    Appearance Modifications
    Check out This is my friend Matt Donaghy's baby. We are in the same jeep club ( and he has been making aftermarket hardtops for Jeep CJs and TJ Wranglers for about 7-8 years now. I have been a MR2 enthusiast for years now and have been saving my pennies and...
  18. Solar yellow Hardtop for sale

    Dealers and Pricing
    Looking for a hardtop? I'm selling mines for 2300 obo. PM or email me [email protected]
  19. Time is coming close and I need to sell my hardtop A.S.A.P

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    SOLAR YELLOW HARDTOP (actual car not for sale I'monly selling the hardtop) FOR SALE 2300 plus shipping for my yellow original hardtop or best offer.. good news for you if you live close to seattle you can pick it up!!!!!!!! hurry though. [email protected] or you can PM me either way someone...
  20. Yellow hardtop for sale

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale Selling my hardtop :( sad to see if go but money is an issue and I need to sell it :(