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  1. Extra, loose 12-pin connector. What does it do?

    Audio and Electronics
    I was digging around the back of the radio today to see what kind of connectors it has as I want to buy a bluetooth addon that connects to the cd changer port. (I don't want to change the head unit for cosmetic reasons) and i found an extra 12-pin (5+7) male connector hanging out. It is coming...
  2. 2ZZ Swap: consequences of not doing the wiring?

    Performance Modifications
    Hi. Is there any bad consequence or damage to the engine when driving my 2ZZ Spyder without having modified the wiring? Thanks.
  3. Aging or Failed Wire Harness Connectors and Failed Exterior Insulation Wiring Sheath

    Care, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
    Evening Folks: In the last few days I have several wire harness connectors ---one on an O2 Sensor, another on a fuel injector--- break when I have attempted to remove them. If I knew where to get replacement pigtails, I could probably just use butt connectors to connect them. However this...
  4. Where and how to install a 4/6pt harness ie: Takata???

    Performance Modifications
    Im looking of getting a pair of harnesses but i have no clue on where i would even mount the rear eyelets to? im sure someone out there has a harness...where did you get the bar from? also ive seen some with the harness wrapped around the that safe? how would you go about doing that...
  5. Another 2zz swap!

    Performance Modifications
    Was going to do a 2zz swap, but it's moving time