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  1. Extra, loose 12-pin connector. What does it do?

    Audio and Electronics
    I was digging around the back of the radio today to see what kind of connectors it has as I want to buy a bluetooth addon that connects to the cd changer port. (I don't want to change the head unit for cosmetic reasons) and i found an extra 12-pin (5+7) male connector hanging out. It is coming...
  2. 2ZZ-GE ECU, MWR Plug N Play Adapter, 2ZZ PPE header, HKS exhaust, 1ZZ ECU + more

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    1ZZ Che header, 2ZZ PPE header, HKS exhaust, 1ZZ ECU, and much more I have a bunch of parts for sale. I'll respond to PMs immediately - I can hold items for 24 hours after receiving a PM/email. If no payment is received, the item goes to the next person in line. All prices do not include...
  3. Scion Pioneer T1807 HU for sale

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    From a Scion XB, great shape, plug and play! :) $45 bucks shipped in the US. Any takers??? pm me I'll put a pic of it in my album in my profile. SOLD! :) Thanks
  4. FS: JVC KW-XG500 CD/MP3 Double-DIN Stereo w/ Spyder wiring harness

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Great unit to match up with the Spyder. I only used it for a short while, so it's in like-new condition. I'm selling because I wanted to upgrade to a hardwired Bluetooth unit (another JVC.) This unit has red illuminated buttons and white LCD, which matches the Spyder's interior lighting...