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  1. Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Moved to CA. Need OEM exhaust for smog. Let me know what exhaust parts you got laying around. Alternately, if you got tips on passing smog w/o returning the exhaust to stock, let me know. Location is Bay Area.
  2. Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Have a car that needs to pass smog in CA, located in SD but can pick up in OC if neccessary. So I need to find a stock header with the CATs intact. Will be modifying to fit a 2zz so doesn't need to be perfect. Let me know if anyone has one for sale. thanks,
  3. Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    I've got a OBX exhaust header that came off of my 2002 for sale for $200. OBX sells these for $500 new and Monkey Wrench Racing used to sell them for $300 but they don't anymore.
  4. Performance Modifications
    Hi. I am interested in this turbo header that I found on Ebay: "OBX Exhaust Turbo Manifold Header Fits 00 01 02 03 04 05 Toyota Celica GT 1ZZ"
  5. Performance Modifications
    Hi. I found this turbo manifold (T3 Turbo) on Ebay, which specifies that it is compatible with 1ZZ / 2ZZ (but im not sure if it really is compatible)...
  6. Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Which PPE version to get for 2zz? I've set myself on going PPE. Are you guys running merge collectors or standard collector? Whats the difference? If anyone has a PPE header or down pipe let me know. I'm giving it a week or so until I put in an order. Thanks!
  7. Performance Modifications Obx racing header and downpipe. Anyone tried these? I see it doesn't have the flex pipe in it like the stock does not sure if that's a issue wondering if that's an issue
  8. MR2 Spyder Main Forum
    My catalytic convertor is clogged. Got the downpipe off and the muffler shop said they could cut it open and clear it out but they couldn't guarantee that the welds would hold. I've looked at others online and they seem pretty pricy. Plus the header downpipe combo seems like it's somewhat...
  9. Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Not sure of the brand as it came with the car. Good condition with no dings. Swapped out motor so looking to get rid of for any reasonable offer. PM me for a pic or with offers. Please include area code. My location is michigan
  10. Performance Modifications
    CAI? K&N air filter? exhaust? header? MAF mod? what mod to do first if at all -Thanks I am slightly limited on funds and I am going to order a Corkys breast plate and some better tires to shore up the handling first of all.... I am wondering what mods would you guys recommend for improving mid...
  11. Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Looking for OEM wheels (preferably local - LA area). Also either Che or PPE header (don't have to be local). PM me if you got one laying around that I can take off your hands.
  12. Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    I've got some parts laying around after I sold my Spyder and have absolutely no use for them. All prices are OBO and I'll let them go cheap. 1 OEM exhaust manifold with lower heatshield and studs (left side O2 sensor bung threads are stripped) - $5 1 aftermarket Che header (OEM fitment)...
  13. Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    I have the following parts for sale. I prefer local pick up here in San Diego, but I will ship. Please PM me your zip code and which part you are interested in for shipping costs. I can install any part locally. I accept cash and PayPal. my PayPal email is [email protected] If you use...
  14. Performance Modifications
    1.Toyota MR2 Spyder 1zz 00-05 CHE Exhaust Header Headers Toyota Gasket Included 2.Racing Exhaust...
  15. Care, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting
    Hey guys I have a 2001 with 99k miles on it. A few weeks ago I started getting an outrageous rattle that sounded like a woodpecker in my exhaust line at a cold start. Through research through this VERY helpful forum I assumed it was a pre-cat problem. After 2 long days and hours of anguish on my...
  16. Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Seat belt set, $60 shipped. Steering wheel, $60 shipped. SOLD Airbag set with module, $280 shipped. Clock spring, $30 shipped. Gauge cluster manual transmission (around 78k ???), $80 shipped. SOLD Ignition no key, $25 shipped. Intake airbox and tubing, $50 shipped. SOLD Header...
  17. Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    I have a rear bumper cover, reinforcement bar, and OEM header off of a 2001 silver Mr2 spyder. The paint is flacking off the bumper cover on the passenger side, looks like someone painted it without a primer underneath. The bumper itself is in great condition it would just need to be repainted...
  18. Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Hello, I have a few parts for sale. All parts are OEM and came out of the same car; 2005 Lotus Elise (2ZZ-GE engine) with under 12,000mi. All parts are in excellent condition. The “shipped” price is within the continental US. (Shipping outside the US will be more) AC Compressor - $120 shipped...
  19. Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    All of the following parts are best offer+shipping from 20646 (even if the best offer is close to nothing): 1. Stock (gutted) exhaust manifold (studs are very rusty) (90k miles) 2. Stock Cat pipe (90k miles) 3. Stock exhaust (90k miles) 4. Stock springs/shocks (75k miles) 5. Stock intake (90k...
  20. Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Let me know if you have any for sale. Used or new doesn't matter. Thanks.
1-20 of 24 Results