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  1. Need help in houston!

    Appearance Modifications
    SO I am currently serving overseas in Iraq and I have been saving a little money on the side just for mods to my all factory '02 Spyder. I desperatly wish to get some mods done prefferably before I get back ( body kit, paint job, engine swap, new top, precat, and maybe a SC) but I don't know...
  2. Import reactor

    Events and Road Trips
    Anyone heading up to the woodlands to go check out import reactor this week-end? It's happening at the same time as Anime Matsuri, so I know that as an anime geek I'll personally enjoy going there *links courtesy of HOUMAX
  3. Forest Run: Maybe a night run?

    Events and Road Trips
    I shot this idea at Thomas the other day over dinner; why not do the Forest run at night? it seemed like a good idea to me; getting a bunch of spyders together after sunset and going through the twisties of the forest run. We actually ended up going up there that night, and from my POV, the...