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  1. Injen Air Intake For Sale

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    Hi, selling the following parts as I sold my Spyder. Shipping to US only or local pick up in Austin, TX. Injen Air intake (used) - $160 shipped OBO - Make an offer (sold)yellow injectors + MAF riser - $80 shipped OBO - Make an offer(sold) (SOLD)Clear corners - $40 shipped OBO (SOLD) MAKE AN...
  2. 2ZZ Injectors compatibility?

    Performance Modifications
    I'm looking for +700cc injectors for my 2ZZ Turbo. What injectors are compatible with 2ZZ-GE? Maybe it's compatible with 2JZ injectors? If it's compatible, will I need the connector? Thank you.
  3. Unknow ECU year in a 2004 2ZZ Swap

    Performance Modifications
    Hi. I have a 2004 JDM 2ZZ swap from a Toyota Celica 2004, but an unknow ECU M/T year (Japanese market too). The part number is 89666-80060. 1) How i can know the year of the ECU? the part number is 89666-20060 // (and below of this: 175200-4161 12V -- DENSO - MADE IN JAPAN) 2) I read in MWR...
  4. FS: Stock 2zz ECU and yellow 2zz injectors (maf mod)

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    [injectors pending, ECU has been sold] 2zz yellow injectors for sale which can be used for the maf mod or a 2zz swap. Working when I had them installed, went turbo and upgraded to 630cc so no need for these anymore. ($70.00) ECU is the from a 2000/01 celica GTS with the higher 8250rpm...
  5. Going to do the MAF mod soon, and I'd like some advice

    Performance Modifications
    Hey there everybody. I'm going to do the maf mod soon and I was wondering if I could get some advice since I've never done something like this before, although I have been doing my homework on it. First off, I ordered my fuel injectors from MWR but something seems off about them. they don't...
  6. WTB: 2ZZ Injectors - Rent to Own

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    I am in the middle of diagnosing a problem I'm having with the air/fuel mixture on my 2zz swap. The 2zz is out of a 2004 matrix, and I'm 99% sure the injectors are (barely) different than the once the 2000 GT-S ecu is looking for. Before I go out and drop $300 on a set of brand new injectors...
  7. PFC datalogit, Stock 2zz injectors, coilpacks, RC 400cc injectors

    Parts and miscellaneous for sale
    selling a few parts. im a member on my user name there is i_wonder i was referred here by Mitch88 on newcelica, he might have a differ. screen name here here are the parts with prices Pfc datalogit : 280shipped RC 400cc injectors: 150shipped stock 2zz injectors: 100shipped 2zz...
  8. 1zz Injectors - OEM Toyota Colors

    Performance Modifications
    I was reading drummerdawg's swap thread the other day about his vibe motor with the blue injectors. Someone was saying that the Celica GT's use higher-flow yellow injectors than our stock green ones. Is there any benefit to going larger w/ a stock ecu?