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  1. The 5th Annual Sonic Meet!!! 1000+ cars!

    Events and Road Trips
    Everyone's favorite springtime event is back for the 5th year in a row. Come out to Sonic Drive-In in Morgantown, PA on May 1st from noon to 5pm for The 5th Annual Sonic Meet. There will be a huge variety of cars, a ton of great raffles, vendors on site, and it is all helping to raise money for...
  2. 5th ANNUAL SONIC MEET! Morgantown Pa!

    Events and Road Trips
    Last year there were over 1,000 cars and this year there should be much more! This is the best meet of the year in the Pennsylvania , New Jersey, Delaware Maryland Area! Anyone in this area should be there! PM me or post for more info!!!
  3. San Diego Meet

    Now with a date! January 9th, 2011. And a location? Crown Point Park. Mission Bay, San Diego Alright, I guess I'll take the initiative in making a new thread! Soooo, I'm guessing it's going to be a BBQ meet? I like the idea! Plus it's a better way for all of us to frolic around and meet...
  4. 4th Annual Morgantown PA Sonic Meet - April 25th 2010 - Benefiting Make A Wish

    Events and Road Trips
    4th Annual Morgantown PA Sonic Meet - May 2nd 2010 - Benefiting Make A Wish What's up guys. I wandered over here from the MR2oc to spread the word about a HUGE meet that is coming up in April. All types of cars, tons of people, good junk food (lol), raffles, and...
  5. Event Feeler - Tim Stephens Racing VIR Meet & Greet

    Events and Road Trips
    I'm in the stages of planning this and before I get too deep, I need to put out a feeler for interested parties: When: Saturday 10/24 (and extending to Sunday for those who wish to stay) What: Tim Stephens Racing Hosted and MR2 OC Meet & Greet & overall track party! SCCA Club...
  6. Round Table Pizza Meet (Mr2uesday)

    Events and Road Trips
    I work at round table pizza down in moreno valley.. a suburb near riverside. address is.... Round Table Pizza 27140 Eucalyptus Ave Moreno Valley, CA 92555 I know that on every tuesday we have a family buffet. adults 7 bucks and kids 4 and up are 4 bucks ummm... i think haha and 3 and under...