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  1. How to Install the Snow Performance Meth Kit

    Performance Modifications
    This is my installation of the Snow Performance Meth Kit. Read the instructions that come with the kit...... Kit includes: • SHO (Special High Output) Pump • 3 Quart Reservoir • Variable Controller • 3 Nozzles To Cover a Wide Range of Horsepower • All Required Hardware Needed For...
  2. TRD Supercharger install w/pic's

    Performance Modifications
    This is a few pic's of my Web 3.0 TRD 62m Supercharger. I want to thank my friend Matt for letting me use his garage, Cap for his help with the valve train & Bill for his insight. With an engine at 92,000 miles and running 160ish compression on all four cylinders the rings needed to be...